Free Website Meta Tag Analyzer Tool

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Why should you analyze your website's meta tags?

Using our free meta tag analyzer, you'll be able to see how your website's meta tags are providing search engines with information regarding your webpages. The goal of meta tags is to help your website and webpages communicate properly with search engines to improve your rankings in their search results.

What does this free online tool do?

This tool takes a closer look at your website's meta tag and header information to see how "search engine friendly" all the data is. Then after compiling all the data, the tool compiles a free meta tag report including providing recommendations to improve your website's "behind the scenes" SEO indicators.

Are meta tags required for my website?

The short answer is no, you are not required to have meta tags for your website, however by not providing them you are leaving i up to search engines to decided what is important to present to their visitors.

We suggest having at least the following meta tags present on your website to help you have the best presence in search engines:

  • Title: This tag tells search engines and your visitors what your webpage is all about. Think of this as the name of a chapter in a book. Make sure to limit your webpage's title tag to a maximum of 60 characters to make sure the whole title tag will appear in search results.
  • Meta Description: This tag is a summary of what a visitor will find your webpage and is very important for search engines, not just for rankings but basically selling the visitor on why they should visit your webpage. Make sure to limit this tag to 160 characters otherwise search engines will truncate the content.